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1. formón (m) (for wood); cincel (m) (for stone)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp chiseled, chiseled)
2. tallar (in woodwork, sculpture) (Estados Unidos)
3. (familiar) (cheat)
  • to chisel somebody out of his money estafar a alguien
chisel [ˈtʃɪzl] chiselled chiseled (US)
(for wood) formón (m); escoplo (m); (for stone) cincel (m);
transitive verb
1 (also chisel out) [+wood] tallar; [+stone] cincelar; (carve) tallar; labrar
chiselled features facciones (f) marcadas
Women find his chiselled features irresistible ...a chiselled jaw
2 (swindle) timar; estafar
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