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chino, -a
1. Chinese (de China)
2. of mixed race (mestizo) (Am)
masculine or feminine noun
3. Chinese (man/woman) (de China) person of mixed race (Am)
  • trabajar como un chino, -a (figurative) to slave away (mestizo)
masculine noun
4. Chinese (lengua)
  • me suena a chino, -a (informal) I've never heard of it; (no lo conozco) it's all Greek to me (no lo entiendo)
  • chinos = game in which each player must guess the number of coins or pebbles in the other's hand (juego)
5. vegetable mill (pasapuré)
chinoa china
barrio chino red-light district
1 (persona) Chinese man/woman
quedar como un chino (S. Cone) to come off badly
trabajar como un chino especialmente (S. Cone) to work like a dog
es trabajo de chinos it's slave labour o labor; (EEUU)
2 (Latinoamérica) (mestizo) mestizo; person of mixed race of Amerindian and European parentage; (of Amerindian and European parentage) (indio) Indian; Amerindian
3 (Latinoamérica) (criado) servant/maid
1 (Lingüística) Chinese
hablar en chino to talk gobbledygook
ni que hablara en chino it was all Greek to me
me suena a chino (idioma) it sounds like double Dutch to me; (tema) it's all Greek to me
2 (Culin) conical strainer
3 (And) (Centroamérica) (cerdo) pig; hog; (EEUU)
4 chinos (México) (rizos) curls
5 (Arg) (Centroamérica) (rabia) anger
le salió el chino he lost his temper; tener un chino to be angry
(Geología) pebble; stone
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