feminine noun
1. cigar end (colilla) (CAm, Venezuelan Spanish)
2. drunkenness (borrachera) (Venezuelan Spanish)
3. = fee paid by gamblers
4. (muy informal) (paliza)
  • me dieron una chinga -> they kicked the shit out of me (CAm, Venezuelan Spanish Méx)
5. (muy informal) (trabajo duro)
  • es una chinga -> it's a bitch of a job (Mexican Spanish)
6. pain in the (muy informal) (fastidio) (Mexican Spanish)arse o (British)ass (United States)

chinga [chin’-gah]
1. Fag end; cigar stub; (fig.) Drop, small amount. (Ante Meridian & Central America & Caribbean) (m)
  • Una chinga de agua -> a drop of water
2. Drunkenness. (Caribbean) (m)

1 (colilla) fag end; cigar stub
2 (posos) dregs
; (p)
3 (Centroamérica) (Caribe) (pequeña cantidad) drop; small amount
una chinga de agua a drop of water
4 (Caribe) (borrachera) drunkenness
5 (México) (paliza) beating-up

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