1. porcelana (f)
  • china clay -> caolín (m)

china [chai-na-uea
1. China, porcelana loza de China.
  • China o India ink -> s
Tinta de China.

china [ˈtʃaɪnə]
(crockery) loza (f); vajilla (f); (fine china) porcelana (f);
[+cup, plate etc] de porcelana
china cabinet (n) vitrina (f) de la porcelana
china clay (n) caolín (m)
china doll (n) muñeca (f) de porcelana
china [ˈtʃaɪnə]
amigo (m); compinche (m)
here you are, my old china toma, macho (informal)

feminine noun
1. small stone, pebble (piedra)
  • le tocó la china (informal) -> he drew the short straw
2. deal (informal) (droga) (small amount of hash)
3. Indian woman (india) (Am) (small amount of hash)
4. maid (criada) (Argentinian Spanish, Chilean Spanish) (small amount of hash)

china [chee’-nah]
1. Pebble, a small stone. (f)
2. Chinaroot, a medicinal root. (f)
3. Porcelain, china, chinaware. (f)
4. China silk or cotton stuff. (f)
  • Media china -> cloth coarser than that from China
5. Boyish game of shutting hands, and guessing which contains the pebble. (f)
  • Le tocó la china -> he had bad luck
6. Woman (Indian); (And. Cono Sur) Nursemaid; (And. Cono Sur) servant girl; (LAm.) Mistress, concubine. (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
1. Chinese.
  • ¿Somos chinos? -> do you think me a simpleton
  • Ni que hablara en chino -> don’t you understand

1 (porcelana) china; chinaware
2 (piedra) pebble
poner chinas to put obstacles in the way
tocarle a algn la china
le tocó la china
nos tocó la china de ser niños en los cincuenta we had the misfortune o bad luck to be children in the fifties; te ha tocado la china de cuidar de los niños you drew the short straw, you've got to look after the children
aquellos a los que en España nos tocó la china de ser niños o adolescentes en los 50 no tenían nada, que era una cuestión de política. Si nos tocó la china fue porque éramos los que menos teníamos
3 [de droga] lump; piece
4 (seda) China silk
5 chinas (juego) game played with pebbles
6 (And) (trompo) spinning-top
7 (abanico) fan; blower
8 (Caribe) (México) (naranja) orange
(And) (S. Cone) (niñera) nursemaid

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