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1. (anatomy)
a. el mentón (M)
I punched him on the chin.Le di un puñetazo en el mentón.
b. la barbilla (F)
He cut his chin while shaving.Se cortó la barbilla afeitándose.
c. la pera (F) (Argentina) (Uruguay)
She inherited her father's big chin.Ella heredó la pera grande de su padre.
1. mentón (m) barbilla (f)
  • to keep one's chin up (sentido figurado) mantener los ánimos
chin [tʃɪn]
barbilla (f); mentón (m)
double chin papada (f)
to keep one's chin up no desanimarse
(keep your) chin up! ¡no te desanimes!; ¡ánimo!
to take it on the chin encajar el golpe; (put up with) soportarlo
we have to be big enough to take it on the chin and come back for more
transitive verb
(Britain) (punch) dar una hostia a (informal)
So MC Rebbe chinned him and threw him down the venue stairs
(reprimand) echar un rapapolvo a (informal);
intransitive verb
(US) charlar
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