Chin in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. mentón (m) barbilla (f)
  • to keep one's chin up (sentido figurado) mantener los ánimos
chin [tʃɪn]
barbilla (f); mentón (m)
double chin papada (f)
to keep one's chin up no desanimarse
(keep your) chin up! ¡no te desanimes!; ¡ánimo!
to take it on the chin encajar el golpe; (put up with) soportarlo
we have to be big enough to take it on the chin and come back for more
transitive verb
(Britain) (punch) dar una hostia a (informal)
So MC Rebbe chinned him and threw him down the venue stairs
(reprimand) echar un rapapolvo a (informal);
intransitive verb
(US) charlar
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