Chill in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. resfriado (m) (medicina) (cold)
  • to catch a chill resfriarse, agarrar or coger un resfriado (español de España)
2. (cold temperature)
  • there's a chill in the air hace bastante fresco
  • to take the chill off something templar algo
  • chill of fear (sentido figurado) escalofrío (m) de temor
3. frío(a)
transitive verb
4. poner a enfriar (wine, food)
  • serve chilled sírvase frío (on product)
  • chilled to the bone helado(a) de frío
chill [tʃɪl]
(coldness) frío (m); (Med) resfriado (m); (mild fever) escalofrío (m)
there's a chill in the air hace fresco; to catch a chill (Med) resfriarse; to cast a chill over enfriar el ambiente de; to take the chill off [+room] calentar un poco; templar; [+wine] templar
[+wind] frío
transitive verb
[+wine] enfriar; [+food] refrigerar
serve chilled sírvase bien frío; to chill sb's blood helarle la sangre en las venas a algn; to be chilled to the bone estar helado hasta los huesos
intransitive verb
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