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1. jefe(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (of tribe)
  • the chief (familiar) el/la jefe(a) (boss)
2. principal (most important)
  • chief executive, (comercio)
  • chief executive officer consejero(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) delegado(a), director(ora) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) gerente (Estados Unidos)
chief [tʃiːf]
(principal) [+reason etc] principal; mayor; (in rank) jefe; de más categoría;
[of organization] jefeajefa (m) (f);a jefa [of tribe] jefeajefa (m) (f);a jefa cacique (m); (boss) jefeajefa (m) (f);a jefa patrónonapatrona (m) (f);ona patrona
yes, chief! ¡sí, jefe!; Chief of Staff (Mil) Jefe del Estado Mayor; ... in chief ... en jefe
there are too many chiefs and not enough indians
chief constable (n) (Britain) jefeajefa (m) (f) de policía;a jefa
chief executive (n) (Britain) (local government) directoradirectora (m) (f);a directora [of company] (also chief executive officer) presidente (m)
chief inspector (n) (Britain) (Police) inspectorainspectora (m) (f) jefe;a inspectora
chief justice (n) (US) presidenteapresidenta (m) (f) del Tribunal Supremo;a presidenta
chief superintendent (n) (Britain) (Police) comisarioacomisaria (m) (f) jefeajefa;a comisaria a jefa
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