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1. (colloquial) (Spain) 
a. meat 
2. (de persona) 
a. flesh 
3. (bebida) 
a. alcoholic drink made from fermented maize 
4. (colloquial) 
no ser ni chicha ni limonada o limonáto be neither one thing nor the other, to be neither fish nor fowl
1 (Latinoamérica) (bebida) maize liquor; corn liquor; (EEUU)
ni chicha ni limonada o limoná neither fish nor fowl; neither one thing nor the other
estas cosas están como chicha (And) there are hundreds o any number of these things
sacar la chicha a algo/algn (S. Cone) to milk sth/sb dry
chicha de uva unfermented grape juice
2 (And) (Centroamérica) (berrinche) rage; bad temper
estar de chicha to be in a bad mood
Chicha is a strong alcoholic drink made from fermented maize and produced in Peru, where it is associated with ceremonial and ritual occasions. It is now an element of what is known as chicha culture, a dynamic blend of traditional Indian and modern imported styles and fashions created out of the migration of the rural poor to major cities. Chicha music has become the most popular music in Peru. It combines the traditional Andean huayno with tropical, Afro-Hispanic music and electronic instruments.
tiene poca(s) chicha(s) she's as thin as a rake (familiar)
de chicha y nabo insignificant
calma chicha (Náutica) dead calm
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