feminine noun
1. girl (joven)
  • mira, chica, haz lo que quieras -> look, dear o darling, you can do what you want
  • chica de alterne -> = girl who works in bars on a commission basis, encouraging customers to drink , B-girl (United States)
2. maid (criada)

chica [chee’-co, cah]
1. Little, small.
  • Los chicos de la oficina -> the fellows at the office
  • Es un buen chico -> he’s a good lad
  • Chicos de la calle -> street urchins
  • Como chico con zapatos nuevos -> as happy as a lark
2. Small-size, tiny.
  • Dejar chico a uno -> to put somebody in the shade

1 (criada) maid; servant
chica de alterne bar-girl; bar-room hostess
chica de conjunto chorus girl

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