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chests is the plural form of chest.
1. pecho (m) (of person)
  • I needed to get it off my chest (sentido figurado) necesitaba desahogarme
2. baúl (m) (box)
  • chest of drawers cómoda (f)
chest [tʃest]
1 (Anat) pecho (m)
to have chest trouble tener problemas respiratorios; padecer de los bronquios; to have a cold on the chest tener el pecho resfriado
to get sth off one's chest desahogarse
2 (box) cofre (m); arca (f)
chest of drawers cómoda (f)
[+pain] de pecho
chest cold (n) resfriado (m) de pecho
chest expander (n) tensor (m); extensor (m)
chest freezer (n) congelador (m) de arcón
chest infection (n) infección (f) de las vías respiratorias
chest measurement chest size (n) anchura (f) de pecho; [of clothes] talla (f) de chaqueta etc; (de chaqueta etc)
chest specialist (n) especialista (m) de las vías respiratorias
chest X-ray (n) radiografía (f) torácica
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