1. (culinary) 
a. el queso (M) 
Mozzarella is the best cheese for making pizza.El mejor queso para hacer pizzas es el mozzarella.
1. (general) 
a. el queso (M) 
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
(say) cheese!¡sonríe!
cheese sandwich/omeletsandwich m/tortilla de queso
cheese [tʃiːz]
1 (dairy product) queso (m)
say cheese! (Fot) ¡a ver, una sonrisa!; hard cheese! ¡mala pata!
2 (person)
big cheese pez (m) gordo
transitive verb
I'm cheesed off with this estoy hasta las narices de esto (informal)
cheese dish (n) tabla (f) de quesos
cheese sauce (n) salsa (f) de queso; salsa (f) Mornay
Melt some butter into a pan then add the same weight of flour and mix into a roux paste and gently cook this for about one minute. Then very slowly and patiently add the cold milk, whisking all the time so the mixture is smooth before more milk is added. Once you have a smooth mixture grate in some cheese, a little bit at a time and whisk it until the sauce is smooth
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