check out

check out
transitive verb phrase
1. (to look at) 
a. mirar 
Check out that small dog chasing a cat!¡Mira a ese perrito persiguiendo un gato!
2. (to check) 
a. verificar 
Did you check out the hotel's website for reservations?¿Verificaste el sitio web del hotel para hacer una reserva?
b. comprobar 
My phone died before I could check out the address.Mi teléfono se quedó sin batería antes de que pudiera comprobar la dirección.
The police checked out the bomb threat and it turned out to be a prank.La policía investigó la llamada de amenaza de bomba y resultó ser una broma.
d. chequear 
The remote control is not working. - Did you check out the batteries?El control remoto no funciona. - ¿Chequeaste las pilas?
e. checar (Mexico) 
Check out this video of two dogs dancing!¡Checa este video de dos perros bailando!
3. (to borrow) 
a. sacar 
I'd like to check out these three books, please.¿Puedo sacar estos tres libros, por favor?
intransitive verb phrase
4. (to become verified) (United States) 
a. cuadrar 
The statements of the witnesses don't check out. One of them is lying.Las declaraciones de los testigos no cuadran. Uno de ellos miente.
5. (to pay) 
a. pagar 
I realized that I had a coupon only after I checked out and left the grocery store.Me di cuenta de que tenía un cupón justo después de pagar y salir del supermercado.
6. (to leave a lodging) 
a. dejar 
We checked out of the hotel and took a bus to the city center.Dejamos el hotel y tomamos un autobús para el centro.
We have to check out by 9 am and be at the airport at 11 am.Tenemos que hacer el check out a las 9 am y estar en el aeropuerto a las 11 am.
7. (slang) (to die) (United States) 
a. estirar la pata (colloquial) 
Did you hear what happened to old man Charles? Dude checked out.Oíste lo que le pasó a ese viejito Charles? El tipo estiró la pata.
check out
transitive verb phrase
1. (investigate; person) 
a. investigar 
2. (information) 
a. comprobar, verificar 
b. chequear (Latin America) 
c. checar (Mexico) 
3. (colloquial) 
a. mirar, echar un ojo a (look at) 
intransitive verb
4. (leave hotel) 
a. dejar el hotel 
check out
1 (of hotel) (pagar y) marcharse;of de
they packed and checked out of the hotel I was disappointed to miss Brian, who had just checked out
2 (US) (agree) cuadrar
their credentials check out sus credenciales cuadran; his alibi checks out su coartada concuerda (con los hechos)
transitive verb
1 (investigate)
the police had to check out the call la policía tuvo que investigar la llamada
let's check him out on the computer I think we should go to the library and check it out
2 (confirm) [+facts, statement] comprobar; verificar
the police checked out all their statements
3 (look at) mirar
The first thing I did was glance the bar to check out the talent [girls/boys]; to see if someone really has class, always check out his shoes
check out the girl in the pink shirt! ¡mira a esa chica con la camisa rosa!
4 [+purchases] [+customer] pagar
I waited outside while she checked out the shopping
[+cashier] pasar por la caja
you can't leave until I've checked these things out I'd like to check him out of here the day after tomorrow
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