check in
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to arrive and register) 
a. registrarse (at a hotel) 
We checked in at the hotel very late last night.Nos registramos en el hotel anoche muy tarde.
b. facturar (at the airport) 
We have to check in before going through security.Tenemos que facturar antes de pasar por seguridad.
c. facturar el equipaje (at the airport) 
Did you check in already? If not, I'll wait for you at the duty-free shops.¿Facturaste ya el equipaje? Si no, te espero en el duty-free.
d. chequear el equipaje (at the airport) (Latin America) 
If we don't want to miss our flight, we'll need to check in before five o'clock.Si no queremos perder el avión, tenemos que chequear el equipaje antes de las cinco.
e. ingresar (at a hospital) 
That patient checked in on Saturday and was discharged on Monday.Esa paciente ingresó el sábado y el lunes fue dada de alta.
2. (to communicate) (United States) 
I'll check in with you next week to see how the project is going.Me pondré en contacto con ustedes la semana que viene para ver cómo va el proyecto.
b. llamar 
I'll check in with you as soon as I get home.Te llamaré tan pronto como llegue a casa.
c. pasarse 
She usually checks in before going to work.Suele pasarse antes de ir a trabajar.
transitive verb phrase
3. (to receive and register) 
a. registrar (at a hotel) 
The hotel receptionist was waiting to check us in.La recepcionista del hotel nos estaba esperando para registrarnos.
b. atender (at the airport) 
The girl who checked us in at the airport was very nice and professional.La chica que nos atendió en el aeropuerto era muy simpática y profesional.
c. facturar el equipaje (at the airport) 
The man who checked me in told me to hurry because they were already boarding.El señor que me facturó el equipaje me dijo que me diera prisa porque ya estaban embarcando.
d. chequear el equipaje (at the airport) (Latin America) 
Can you check us in, or is this desk just for those traveling in business class?¿Nos puede chequear el equipaje, o es este mostrador solo para los que viajan en business?
check in
intransitive verb
1. (at hotel) 
a. registrarse 
2. (at airport) 
a. facturar 
transitive verb phrase
3. (baggage) 
a. facturar 
b. despachar (Latin America) 
check in
1 (register) (at airport) facturar or chequear (el equipaje); (LAm) (at hotel) registrarse; (at clinic, hospital) ingresar
while I waited in the queue to check in, Ted wandered over to the newsstand remember to check in an hour early he has checked into an alcohol treatment centre
2 (US) (communicate)
he checks in with us by phone every week se pone en contacto con nosotros or nos llama por teléfono todas las semanas
so, shall we check in with each other tomorrow? when you arrive, be sure to check in with us he checks in regularly I have to go to the office to check in with the phone mail system
transitive verb
[+luggage] facturar; chequear; (LAm) [+person] (at hotel) registrar; (at airport) facturar el equipaje de
go to that desk and someone will check you in vaya a ese mostrador y allí le facturarán el equipaje
They drove to Heathrow airport, with Cathy sitting between them. They were silent all the way. He checked them in. They had ample time for coffee the tour leader checked the passengers in Ruff told me to park the car while he went in and registered for both of us. By the time I was finished, he had checked us in, taken his key, and retired to his room I just have to check these new arrivals in and I'll be right with you guards at the gatehouse check in any guests who wish to drive into the grounds
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