1. (general) 
to do something on the cheaphacer algo en plan barato or mirando el dinero
2. (inexpensive) 
a. barato(a) 
cheap ratetarifa reducida
3. (of little value) 
I feel cheap¡qué bajo he caído!
cheap and nastyde chichinabo, de chicha y nabo
a cheap joke/remarkun chiste/comentario de mal gusto
4. (colloquial) 
it was going cheapestaba tirado(a) de precio
cheap [tʃiːp]
cheaper (comparative)cheapest (superlative)
1 (inexpensive) [+goods, labour, shop, ticket] barato; [+imports] a bajo precio; [+loan, credit] a bajo interés
goods, shop, flight, labour, ticket, hotel, housing, currency
it's ten pence cheaper es diez peniques más barato; it's cheaper to buy than to rent sale más económico or barato comprar que alquilar; gas cookers are cheaper to run las cocinas de gas salen or resultan más económicas; these cars are very cheap to produce la fabricación de estos coches sale muy barata
cheap labour mano (f) de obra barata
cheap money dinero (m) barato
dresses at ridiculously cheap prices vestidos a unos precios regalados
it's cheap at the price está bien de precio; es barato para lo que es; that's cheap at half the price! ¡es más que regalado!
cheap rate tarifa (f) reducida
cheap and cheerful bueno, bonito y barato
2 (poor-quality) [+product] barato; corriente
copy, wine, material, brand, café, jewellery, perfume
beware of cheap imitations! ¡esté al tanto de imitaciones baratas!; cheap and nasty ordinario; chabacano
3 (vulgar, mean) [+joke] ordinario; chabacano; [+behaviour, tactics] rastrero; [+remark, question] de mal gusto; [+opportunism, sensationalism] barato; [+promises] fácil
a cheap laugh la risa fácil
For years, music hall comics desperate for a cheap laugh only needed to mention the name Hartlepool I want to be funny but not cruel. I would never do Dietrich in a wheelchair, for example, or use bad language just for a cheap laugh
cheap thrills placeres (m) baratos
a cheap trick una mala pasada
4 (not deserving respect) bajo; indigno
to feel cheap sentirse humillado
they hold life cheap there allí la vida no vale nada
to look cheap parecer ordinario; tener un aspecto ordinario
to make o.s. cheap rebajarse; humillarse
[+buy, sell] barato
it's going cheap se vende barato
to [come] cheap
quality doesn't come cheap la calidad hay que pagarla
on the cheap [+decorate, travel] en plan barato (informal); to do sth on the cheap hacer algo en plan barato (informal); to buy or get sth on the cheap comprar algo por poco dinero or a bajo precio
they got a load of stuff on the cheap at the auction and now they're flogging it at car boot sales
cheap shot (n) golpe (m) bajo
Of course it's a cheap shot, juxtaposing two quotes out of context from over 20 years apart Quoting someone's every "um" and "uh" is a cheap shot He always throws out the tacky comment and the cheap shot. He has no class
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