"chat" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. charla (f) (informal conversation)plática (f) (CAm, español de México)
  • to have a chat -> charlar
  • chat show -> tertulia (f) televisiva (on TV) (británico)
2. charla (f) chat (m) (informática)
  • chat room -> sala (f) de conversación
verbo intransitivo (pt & pp chatted)
3. charlar (talk informally), platicar (CAm, español de México)(to or with con)
4. charlar, chatear (informática)(to or with con)

chat [chat]
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
1. Charlar, parlotear. (n)
  • To chat to/with somebody -> charla, hablar, conversar o platicar con alguien
1. Charla, locuacidad, cháchara, parla, lujo de hablar, garrulidad.
  • To have a chat with somebody -> charlar o hablar o conversar o platicar con alguien
2. Pájaro cantor americano.

chat [tʃæt]
charla (f); plática (f); (CAm)
to have a chat with (gen) charlar con; platicar con; (CAm) (discuss) hablar con; I'll have a chat with him about it hablaré con él de or sobre ello
1 (talk) charlar; platicar; (CAm)with, to con
2 (Internet) chatear
chat room (n) (Internet) canal (m) de charla; foro (m) de discusión; chat (m)
Users of the dial-up conferencing system can set up ad hoc `chat rooms" where dozens of people can post messages in real time After seeing Braveheart for the 80th time, she set up a `chat room" devoted to the film on the Web
chat show (n) programa (m) de entrevistas
chat show host (n) presentador (m) de programa de entrevistas
chat show hostess (n) presentadora (f) de programa de entrevistas

Verb Conjugations for "chat" (go to charlar)


I chat I chatted I will chat
you chat you chatted you will chat
he/she chats he/she chatted he/she will chat
we chat we chatted we will chat
you chat you chatted you will chat
they chat they chatted they will chat
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(pl chats)
masculine noun
1. chat (computing) (charla); chat room (sala)

(Internet) chat room

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