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charro, -a
1. Salamancan (salmantino) (peninsular Spanish)
2. gaudy, showy (recargado)
masculine or feminine noun
3. Salamancan (salmantino) (peninsular Spanish)
4. = Mexican cowboy/cowgirl in traditional dress
5. horseman, (f) horsewoman (jinete) (Mexican SpanishMéx)
1 [+gente] rustic
2 (de mal gusto) [+ropa] loud; gaudy; [+objeto] flashy; showy
3 (salmantino) Salamancan
4 (México) [+costumbres] traditional; picturesque
note See culture box in entry mariachi.
1 (pueblerino) rustic
2 (México) (vaquero) typical Mexican
3 (México) (sombrero) wide-brimmed hat
4 (México) corrupt union boss
5 (Salamanca) peasant
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