1. (attractiveness) 
a. el encanto (M) 
2. (spell) 
a. el hechizo (M) 
to be under a charmestar hechizado(a)
it worked like a charmfuncionó a las mil maravillas
3. (talisman) 
a lucky charmun amuleto (de la suerte)
transitive verb
4. (general) 
a. hechizar, encantar 
she charmed the money out of himlo cameló para sacarle dinero
to lead a charmed lifetener buena estrella
charm [tʃɑːm]
1 (attractiveness) encanto (m); atractivo (m); (pleasantness) simpatía (f)
he has great charm es verdaderamente encantador; tiene un fuerte atractivo; to turn on the charm ponerse fino; to fall victim to sb's charms sucumbir a los encantos de algn
2 (magic spell) hechizo (m); (recited) ensalmo (m)
it worked like a charm funcionó a las mil maravillas
3 (object) dije (m); amuleto (m)
transitive verb
1 (delight) encantar
we were charmed by Granada nos encantó Granada
2 (entice with charm)
to charm one's way out of a situation utilizar su encanto para salir de un apuro
to charm the birds out of the trees
he could charm the birds out of the trees con su encanto es capaz de conseguir todo lo que se propone
3 (bewitch) encantar; hechizar
charmed circle círculo (m) privilegiado
to lead a charmed life tener suerte en todo
charm bracelet (n) pulsera (f) amuleto or de dijes
charm offensive (n) ofensiva (f) amistosa
to launch a charm offensive lanzar una ofensiva amistosa
He launched what was called a charm offensive against MPs who might not support the Government
charm school (n)
finishing school See culture box in entry finishing.
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