1. (opportunity) 
If you give me the chance, I'll prove to you that I'm worthy.Si me das la oportunidad, te demostraré lo que valgo.
When are you going to wash the car? - I'll do it when I get a chance.¿Cuándo vas a lavar el coche? - Lo haré cuando tenga ocasión.
c. la chance (F) (Latin America) 
They should give their relationship one more chance.Deberían darle a la relación una chance más.
2. (probability) 
Martha has a slight chance of winning the election.Martha tiene una pequeña posibilidad de ganar las elecciones.
3. (fate) 
It was pure chance that they met twice in the same day.Fue pura casualidad que se encontraran dos veces el mismo día.
b. la suerte (F) 
Whether you win or lose at the casino is a matter of chance.Ganar o perder en el casino es cuestión de suerte.
c. el azar (M) 
It's an important event. We must plan ahead and leave nothing to chance.Es un evento importante. Debemos planificar bien y no dejar nada al azar.
4. (risk) 
a. el riesgo (M) 
The investment was a bit of a chance, but it paid off.La inversión tuvo un poco de riesgo, pero valió la pena.
5. (accidental) 
a. casual 
They were reunited by a chance encounter.Volvieron a verse a raíz de un encuentro casual.
b. fortuito 
Fleming made a chance discovery that would change the course of medicine: penicillin.Fleming hizo un descubrimiento fortuito que cambiaría el rumbo de la medicina: la penicilina.
transitive verb
6. (to run the risk of) 
It's a good idea to leave early so you don't chance missing the bus.Es buena idea salir temprano para no arriesgarse a perder el autobús.
7. (to happen) 
He chanced to arrive home at the same time as his father.Dio la casualidad de que llegó a la casa al mismo tiempo que su papá.
1. (luck) 
a. la casualidad f, suerte (F) 
by chancepor casualidad
to leave nothing to chanceno dejar nada a la improvisación
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
chance would be a fine thing!¡qué más quisiera yo!
3. (opportunity) 
a. la oportunidad (F) 
b. la chance (F) (Latin America) 
to give somebody a chancedarle una oportunidad a alguien
now's your chance!¡ésta es la tuya!, ¡ésta es tu oportunidad!
it's your last chancees tu última oportunidad
when I get the chanceen cuanto tenga ocasión or oportunidad
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to have an eye to the main chanceestar a la que salta
5. (likelihood) 
a. la posibilidad (F) 
to have or stand a chancetener posibilidades
there's no chance of that happeninges imposible que suceda
6. (risk) 
a. el riesgo (M) 
to take a chancecorrer el riesgo
it's a chance we'll have to takees un riesgo que habrá que correr
I'm taking no chancesno pienso correr riesgos
7. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
a chance discovery/meetingun descubrimiento/encuentro casual
transitive verb
8. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to chance doing somethingarriesgarse a hacer algo
9. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to chance one's armarriesgarse, jugársela
intransitive verb
10. (happen) 
a. no direct translation 
to chance to do somethinghacer algo por casualidad
chance [tʃɑːns]
1 (fate) azar (m); (coincidence) casualidad (f)
by chance por casualidad
we met by chance in Paris nos encontramos por casualidad en París; do you have a room available, by any chance? ¿no tendrá por casualidad una habitación libre?; ¿por casualidad tiene una habitación libre?
do you by any chance know each other? [game] of chance
to leave nothing to chance no dejar nada al azar or a la casualidad; no dejar ningún cabo suelto or por atar
to trust sth to chance dejar algo al azar
2 (opportunity) oportunidad (f); ocasión (f)
this is your last chance to buy, before the offer ends
chance would be a fine thing! ¡ojalá!; ¡ya quisiera yo!
you'll never get another chance like this nunca se te presentará otra oportunidad or ocasión como esta
all those eligible will get a chance to vote todas las personas que cumplan los requisitos podrán votar
to give sb a chance
he didn't give me a chance to say anything no me dio (la) oportunidad de decir nada; give me a chance, I've only just got here! ¡espera un ratito, acabo de llegar!
he never had a chance in life nunca tuvo suerte en la vida
given half a chance he'd eat the lot si se le dejara, se lo comería todo
I felt I had to give him chance given the chance, he'd go every day to give sb [half] a chance if you'll just give me half a chance, I'll get it finished "lovely place," he said, "give me half a chance and I'll be living somewhere like this"
you always wanted to ride a horse, and here's your chance siempre quisiste montar a caballo, ahora tienes la oportunidad
to jump or leap at the chance aprovechar la oportunidad or ocasión; no dejar escapar la oportunidad or ocasión
I jumped at the chance to work abroad/of a day off any parent would jump at the chance of sending their child there
it's the chance of a lifetime es la oportunidad de mi/tu/su etc vida
to have an eye on or to the main chance estar a la que salta (informal)
to miss one's chance perder la or su oportunidad
you missed your chance there his political enemies did not miss their chance
she's gone out, now's your chance! ha salido, ¡ésta es tu oportunidad!
they decided to give me a second chance decidieron darme una segunda oportunidad
3 (possibility) posibilidad (f)
his chances of survival are slim tiene escasas posibilidades de sobrevivir; sus posibilidades de sobrevivir son escasas; the chances are that ... lo más probable es que ...; it has a one in 11,000 chance (of winning) tiene una posibilidad entre 11.000 (de ganar)
there was little chance that he would ever lead a normal life with an illness like that, there is little or no chance of recovery to have a [fair] chance of doing sth
to have a good chance of success tener bastantes posibilidades de éxito
to be in with a chance (Britain) tener muchas posibilidades
\after today's interview\, I really think I'm in with a chance of a job\ Manchester Utd are in with a chance this Saturday
I had very little chance of winning tenía muy pocas posibilidades de ganar
he has no chance of winning no tiene ninguna posibilidad de ganar; no tiene posibilidad alguna de ganar
no chance! (refusing) ¡ni hablar! (informal); (dismissing a possibility) ¡qué va! (informal)
"are you coming out tonight?" "no chance!"
there is a slight chance she may still be there puede que exista una pequeña posibilidad de que todavía esté allí
to [stand] a chance (of doing sth)
they don't stand a chance (of winning) no tienen ninguna posibilidad or posibilidad alguna (de ganar)
he never stood a chance, the truck went straight into him no pudo hacer nada, el camión se fue derecho a él
to stand a chance of beating them, they have to improve their defence their troops never stood a chance against the might of the Russian army
4 (risk) riesgo (m)
to [take] a chance
I'll take that chance correré ese riesgo; me arriesgaré
I'm not taking any chances no quiero arriesgarme
you shouldn't take any chances where your health is concerned no deberías correr riesgos or arriesgarte cuando se trata de tu salud
we decided to take a chance on the weather decidimos arriesgarnos con el tiempo
he was a very careful man who never took a chance \OTH` Dennis was not a man to take chances from then on the Chinese were taking no chances a victim of chance and circumstance
transitive verb
1 (run the risk of) [+rejection, fine] arriesgarse a
I'll chance it
to chance doing sth arriesgarse a hacer algo; to chance it jugársela; arriesgarse
to chance one's arm or one's luck probar suerte
they preferred to chance their luck with us he knew the risks, I can't believe he would have chanced it he decided no assassin would chance a shot from amongst that crowd she looked like someone who was going to chance a kiss but didn't know how it would be received to chance one's [arm] the government has decided to chance its arm and opt for a May election there is a marked reluctance by English players, consumed by the fear of missing, to chance their arm he decided to chance his hand with a guess at the answer Stephen was always ready to chance his arm where sailing was concerned
2 (happen)
to chance to do sth hacer algo por casualidad; she chanced to look up at that moment en ese momento dio la casualidad de que levantó la vista or levantó la vista por casualidad; I chanced to catch sight of her as she passed la vi por casualidad cuando pasaba
chance meeting (n) encuentro (m) fortuito or casual
chance remark (n) comentario (m) casual


1. (general) 
a. opportunity, chance (Latin America) 
tener chance de hacer algoto have the chance to do something
¿me das un chance?can I have a go?
a_veces (Latinoamérica)
1 (oportunidad) chance
dale chance let him have a go
2 (suerte) good luck
(México) maybe; perhaps
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