masculine noun
1. (cabin) 
a. shack 
Una familia entera vivía en ese chamizo sin agua potable ni electricidad.A whole family was living in that shack without drinkable water or electricity.
b. thatched hut (straw roof) 
Nos refugiamos de la lluvia en un chamizo que encontramos en mitad del bosque.We took shelter from the rain in a thatched hut we found in the middle of the forest.
2. (half-consumed log) 
Asegúrate de verter agua sobre los chamizos para asegurar que el fuego está apagado.Make sure you pour some water on the half-burned log to make sure the fire's out.
1. (choza) 
a. thatched hut 
2. (fam pey) 
a. hovel, dive 
1 (cabaña) thatched hut
2 (chabola) shack
3 (mina) illegal coalmine
4 (leño) half-burned log; (árbol) half-burned tree
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