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1. desafío (m) reto (m) (exacting task, to duel); competición (f) (competition)competencia (f) (Am)
  • to issue/accept a challenge lanzar/aceptar un desafío
  • to enjoy a challenge disfrutar con las tareas difíciles
  • the job presents a real challenge el trabajo constituye un auténtico reto
  • leadership challenge asalto (m) al liderato or a la presidencia
transitive verb
2. desafiar, retar (to a contest, fight)
  • to challenge somebody to do something desafiar or retar a alguien a hacer algo
  • you need a job that will challenge you necesitas un trabajo que represente un reto para ti
3. cuestionar, poner en duda (statement, authority)
  • she challenged his right to decide puso en duda que él tuviera derecho a decidir
4. dar el alto a (militar)
challenge [ˈtʃælɪndʒ]
1 (to game, fight etc) desafío (m); reto (m); [of sentry] alto (m)
to issue a challenge to sb desafiar a algn; to rise to the challenge ponerse a la altura de las circunstancias
... the new Germany must rise to the challenge of its enhanced responsibilities rising to the challenge, he proceeded to answer the minister's criticisms While everyone else was uncovering their assets (ie taking their clothes off), the TV action girl failed to rise to the challenge and turned up in the British Gas commercials with a dowdy tracksuit it is clear that Mr Heseltine could win - if he fails to rise to the challenge, he will find the tide slipping away from him They rose to the challenge of entertaining 80 schoolchildren for an afternoon
to take up a challenge aceptar un desafío
2 (bid) (for leadership etc) intento (m);for por
Vigo's challenge for the league leadership la tentativa que hace el Vigo para hacerse con el liderato de la liga
3 desafío (m); reto (m)
this task is a great challenge esta tarea representa un gran desafío; the challenge of the 21st century el reto del siglo XXI; the challenge of new ideas el reto de las nuevas ideas
4 (Jur) recusación (f)
transitive verb
1 (to duel) desafiar; retar; [+sentry] dar el alto a
2 [+speaker] hablar en contra de
to challenge sb to do sth desafiar or retar a algn a que haga algo
I challenge you to name her
3 (dispute) [+fact, point] poner en duda
I challenge that conclusion dudo que esa conclusión sea acertada
4 (Jur) recusar
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