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1. silla (f) (seat); sillón (m) (armchair)
2. presidente(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (chairperson)
  • to be in the chair ocupar la presidencia
3. cátedra (f) (universidad) (of professor)
transitive verb
4. presidir (meeting)
chair [tʃɛəʳ]
1 (gen) silla (f); (armchair) sillón (m); butaca (f); (wheelchair) silla (f) (de ruedas)
There was no ramp, so she couldn't get the chair inside the building
(seat) lugar (m); asiento (m)
please take a chair siéntese or tome asiento por favor
2 (Univ) cátedra (f)
3 [of meeting] presidencia (f); (chairman) presidente (m)
to be in the chair take the chair presidir
to address the chair dirigirse al presidente
the chair (US) (electric chair) la silla eléctrica
transitive verb
1 [+person] llevar a hombros
they chaired him off the ground le sacaron del campo a hombros
2 [+meeting] presidir
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