pronominal verb
1. (colloquial) (to be absent from school or work without permission) (Bolivia) 
a. to play hooky (colloquial) (United States) 
¿Quién se anima a chacharse de su laburo conmigo?Who's up for playing hooky from work today?
Vas muy mal en las clases, compa. ¡Ya no vale chacharse!You're doing really badly in school, buddy. You'd better not play hooky anymore!
b. to play hookey (colloquial) (United States) 
Ayer me chaché a clases.Yesterday I played hookey from school.
c. to skive off (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
¿Vas a chacharte del primer día de clases? ¡Velay!You're going to skive off the first day of school? Wow!
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