feminine noun
1. document
  • cédula de citación -> summons
  • cédula de habitabilidad (singular) -> = certificate stating that a place is habitable
  • cédula hipotecaria -> mortgage bond
  • cédula de identidad -> identity card (Am)
  • cédula de vecindad -> identity card

cédula [thay’-doo-lah]
1. Document. (f)
2. Order, bill, degree. (f)
3. I. (f)
4. Lot. (f)
5. Schedule; warrant, share, scrip. (f)
  • Cédula de aduana -> a permit
  • Cédula de abono -> order to remit a tax in a town or a province
  • Cédula de cambio -> bill of exchange
  • Cédula de diligencias -> a warrant which was issued by the Council of the Chamber, commissioning a judge to make some investigation
  • Cédula persona -> or de vecindad, an official document declaring the name, occupation, domicile, etc., of each citizen, and to serve for identification
  • Car cédula de vida -> to show bravery by sparing the life of one who is in his opponent’s power
  • Cédula de inválidos -> warrant for the reception of invalids
  • Echar cédulas -> to draw or cast lots
O.U. (reconocimiento de deuda).

1 (documento) document
dar cédula a algn to license sb
cédula de aduana customs permit
cédula de cambio bill of exchange
cédula de identidad (Latinoamérica) identity card; ID
cédula en blanco blank cheque; blank check; (EEUU)
cédula hipotecaria mortgage bond
cédula personal identity card; ID
cédula real royal letters patent
2 (ficha) index card
3 (Com) warrant

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