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transitive verb
1. to hunt (animales)
2. to catch (informal) (pillar, atrapar); to trap (en matrimonio)
  • me has cazado despistado you've caught me on the hop
  • cuando me hablan rápido en inglés no cazo una when people speak English quickly to me I can't understand a word
  • cazarlas al vuelo (figurative) to be quick on the uptake
transitive verb
1 [+animales] to hunt; (con fusil) to shoot
se pasó la tarde cazando moscas/mariposas
2 [+ladrón, fugitivo] to hunt down
3 [+corredor, ciclista] to catch (up with)
4 [+votos] to capture; [+electores, votantes] to win (over)
5 (atrapar) to land (familiar)
al final cazó un magnífico empleo in the end he landed an excellent job (familiar); su aspiración es cazar un hombre para casarse her ambition is to land herself a husband (familiar)
6 (sorprender) to catch
los cazó robando he caught them stealing
7 (comprender) to understand
es el mejor alumno, lo caza todo enseguida he's the best pupil, he understands o gets (familiar) everything at once
intransitive verb
to hunt
salir a cazar to go (out) hunting; (con fusil) to go (out) shooting
Verb Conjugations for cazar
Gerund: cazando
Participle: cazado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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