feminine noun
1. hunting (acción de cazar)
  • ir de caza -> to go hunting
  • dar caza a (figurative) -> to hunt down
  • caza de brujas (figurative) -> witch-hunt
2. game (animales, carne)
  • caza mayor -> big game
  • caza menor -> small game
masculine noun
3. fighter (plane) (avión)

caza [cah’-thah]
1. Chase, hunting, fowling, field-sports. (f)
2. Game. (f)
3. Chase, pursuit of a vessel at sea. (Nautical) (f)
4. Thin linen resembling gauze. (f)
  • Caza mayor -> hunting wild-boars, stags, wolves, etc. Caza menor, shooting or fowling; chasing hares, rabbits partridges, etc. Andar a caza, to hunt
  • Andar a caza de alguna cosa -> (Met.) to go in pursuit of a thing
  • Andar a caza de gangas -> to spend one’s time uselessly
  • Dar caza -> (Naut.) to give chase to a vessel
  • Espantar la caza -> (Met.) to injure one’s claim by an untimely application
  • Caballo de caza -> hunter, hunting horse
  • Trompa de caza -> hunting horn
  • Partida de caza -> hunting party
  • Caza del tesoro -> treasure hunt
  • Caza de patos -> duck shooting
1. Fighter plane, pursuit plane. (Aerial) (m)

1 (acción) hunting; (con fusil) shooting
la caza del jabalí boar hunting; la caza del zorro foxhunting
la película narra una partida de caza en la que se mezclan componentes violentos
la caza de la perdiz partridge shooting; caza con hurón ferreting
a la caza de algo
los periodistas andan siempre a la caza de noticias journalists are always on the hunt for o out in pursuit of news; van a la caza de nuevos talentos they are on the hunt for new talent
dar caza a (perseguir) to give chase to; pursue; (alcanzar) to hunt down
dieron caza al ciervo they gave chase to o pursued the deer; dieron orden de dar caza al fugitivo they ordered the fugitive to be hunted down; los corredores consiguieron dar caza al escapado the runners managed to catch (up with) the breakaway leader
ir de caza to go hunting; (con fusil) to go (out) shooting
levantar la caza to put up the game
caza de brujas witchhunt
caza de control culling
caza del hombre manhunt
caza furtiva poaching
caza mayor game hunting
dos cartuchos de postas, de los que se utilizan para caza mayor
caza menor small game hunting; (con fusil) small game shooting
caza submarina underwater fishing
caza y captura
estar a la caza y captura de la noticia to be on the hunt for news; operación de caza y captura de criminales operation to track down and catch criminals
2 (animal cazado) game; (Culin) game
caza mayor big game
caza menor small game
(Aeronáutica) fighter (plane)
caza de escolta escort fighter

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