feminine noun
1. chair (cargo) (en universidad); post of head of department (en instituto)
2. department (departamento)
  • sentar cátedra -> to lay down the law

cátedra [cah’-tay-drah]
1. Seat or chair of a professor. (f)
2. Professorship, office and functions of a professor or teacher; Pedro regentó la cátedra tantos años, Peter filled the professor’s chair so many years. (f)
  • Libertad de cátedra -> freedom to teach
  • Explicar una cátedra -> to hold a chair
3. See, the seat of pontifical or episcopal power. (f)
4. Subject (asignatura). (f)
5. Lecture room. (f)
6. Group of students, class. (f)
7. Wonder, marvel. (Caribbean) (f)
  • Es cátedra -> it’s marvellous

1 (en universidad) chair; professorship
ostentar una cátedra to hold a chair;de in; hablar ex cátedra (Religión) to speak ex cathedra; to speak with authority; hacer oposiciones u opositar para una cátedra to compete for a chair etc by public competitive examination; sentar cátedra sobre algo to pontificate about sth
2 (en enseñanza secundaria) post of head of department
3 (aula) seminar room
4 (Caribe) wonder; marvel
es cátedra está la cátedra it's marvellous
(Caribe) wonderful; marvellous; excellent

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