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1. de pasada, casual (remark, glance)
2. informal (relaxed, informal)
  • casual clothes ropa (f) informal or de sport
3. despreocupado(a) (unconcerned); descuidado(a) (careless)
  • casual sex relaciones (f pl) sexuales ocasionales
4. (employment, worker)
casual [ˈkæʒjʊəl]
1 (not planned) [+walk, stroll] sin rumbo fijo; al azar; [+meeting, encounter] fortuito; [+caller] ocasional
it was just a casual conversation between strangers no era más que una conversación para pasar el rato entre extraños
to the casual eye a simple vista
he ran a casual eye down the page le echó un vistazo a la página
a casual glance una ojeada
to the casual observer para el observador ocasional
a casual remark un comentario hecho a la ligera
she gave him a casual wave lo saludó informalmente con la mano
To the casual observer she was an extremely successful career woman her casual remark caused a political storm
2 (offhand) [+attitude] despreocupado; poco serio; [+manner] informal; [+tone] informal; poco serio
he tried to appear/sound casual as he asked her to dance
he tried to appear/sound casual intentó parecer/sonar relajado
he was very casual about it no le dio mucha importancia
to assume a casual air hacer como si nada
Both the government and industry take a fairly casual attitude to contaminated land Don't take a casual attitude to credit - it could cost you dearly
3 (informal) [+discussion] informal; [+clothing] de sport; informal
casual wear ropa de sport; ropa informal
4 (occasional) [+drinker, drug user, relationship] esporádico
HIV is not transmitted through casual contact
he's just a casual acquaintance es un conocido nada más
casual sex relaciones (f) sexuales promiscuas
5 (temporary) [+labour, work, employment] eventual
on a casual basis temporalmente; eventualmente
casual worker (in office, factory) trabajadoratrabajadora (m) (f) eventual;a trabajadora (on farm) trabajadoratrabajadora (m) (f) temporeroatemporera;a trabajadora a temporera jornaleroajornalera (m) (f);a jornalera
casuals (n) (shoes) zapatos (m) de sport; (clothes) ropa (f) de sport; ropa (f) informal
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