1. (audio recording medium) 
My uncle gave his wife a David Bowie cassette on their second date in 1982.Mi tío le regaló a su esposa un cassette de David Bowie en su segunda cita en 1982.
2. (image recording medium) 
Mom can't find the cassette of their wedding.Mamá no encuentra el videocassette de su boda.
b. el video (M) (Latin America) 
Didn't we have "Casablanca" on cassette?¿No teníamos un video de "Casablanca"?
c. el vídeo (M) (Spain) 
I've converted all my cassettes to DVDs.Pasé todos mis vídeos a DVD.
1. (audio, video) 
a. la cinta f, casete (F) 
cassette playercasete m, magnetófono m
cassette recordercasete m, magnetófono m
cassette [kæˈset]
casette (m); cassette (m)
cassette deck (n) platina (f); pletina (f)
cassette player (n) casette (m); cassette (m)
cassette recorder (n) casette (m); cassette (m)
cassette tape (n)
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