1. (audio recording medium) 
My uncle gave his wife a David Bowie cassette on their second date in 1982.Mi tío le regaló a su esposa un cassette de David Bowie en su segunda cita en 1982.
2. (image recording medium) 
Mom can't find the cassette of their wedding.Mamá no encuentra el videocassette de su boda.
b. el video (M) (Latin America) 
Didn't we have "Casablanca" on cassette?¿No teníamos un video de "Casablanca"?
c. el vídeo (M) (Spain) 
I've converted all my cassettes to DVDs.Pasé todos mis vídeos a DVD.
1. (audio, video) 
a. la cinta f, casete (F) 
cassette playercasete m, magnetófono m
cassette recordercasete m, magnetófono m
cassette [kæˈset]
casette (m); cassette (m)
cassette deck (n) platina (f); pletina (f)
cassette player (n) casette (m); cassette (m)
cassette recorder (n) casette (m); cassette (m)
cassette tape (n)
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usage note
This word may also be spelled “cassette”. In the sense shown in 1), it may be used as a feminine of masculine noun without its meaning changing.
el casete, la casete
masculine or feminine noun
1. (tape) 
a. cassette 
Grabé la canción que pasaron en la radio en un casete.I recorded the song from the radio onto a cassette.
masculine noun
2. (device) 
Mis audífonos se me rompieron y ahora no puedo escuchar mi casete.My headphones broke and now I can't listen to my cassette player.
Le vendí mis viejos Walkman y casete a un coleccionista.I sold my old Walkman and cassette recorder to a collector.
Amandra presionó Play en el casete y escuchó el mensaje.Amanda pressed Play on the tape recorder and listened to the message.
1. (cinta) 
a. cassette 
2. (magnetófono) 
a. cassette o tape recorder 
casete [kaˈset]
(cinta) cassette
(aparato) cassette player
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borró cassette
he blacked out, she blacked out
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