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cascabel [kas-ka-bel]
1. Cascabel, remate esférico de la parte posterior del cañón de artillería.
2. Serpiente de cascabel, o el cascabel mismo.

masculine noun
1. (small) bell
  • poner el cascabel al gato (figurative) -> to bell the cat, to dare to go ahead

cascabel [cas-cah-bel']
1. Hawksbell, bell used for hawks, cats, or dogs, and also for beasts of burden. (m)
2. Knob at the end of the breech of a cannon, cascabel. (m)
3. Rattlesnake. (m)
  • Echar a uno el cascabel -> (Met.) to throw off a burden and lay it on another
  • Echa -> or soltar el cascabel, (Met.) to drop a hint in conversation, to see how it takes
  • Ser un cascabel -> (Met.) to be a crazy or rattle-brained fellow

little bell
de cascabel gordo pretentious
ser un cascabel to be a scatterbrain
echar o soltar el cascabel to drop a hint
poner el cascabel al gato to bell the cat
(Latinoamérica) rattlesnake; rattler (familiar); (EEUU)

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