"casando" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to marry (en matrimonio)
2. to fit together (unir)
intransitive verb
3. to match
pronomial verb
1. to get married (con to)
  • casarse por la iglesia -> to have a church wedding
  • casarse por lo civil -> to have a registry office wedding o (British) civil wedding (United States)
  • no se casa con nadie (figurative) -> he doesn't take sides

casar [cah-sar']
1. Hamlet, a small village. (m)
2. Country-house for laborers to sleep in. (Province; Provinicial) (m)
article & verb transitive
1. To marry, to join a man and woman in marriage or in wedlock (sacerdotes).
2. To marry, to dispose of in marriage; to couple, to unite in marriage.
3. To sort things so as to match one another, to mate, to suit or proportion one thing to another. (Metaphorical)
4. To repeal, to abrogate, to annul.
5. (Pa
interrogative & verb reflexive
6. /em> To blend. (Typography)
7. To impose. (Typography)
  • Antes de que te cases mira lo que haces -> look before you leap
verb reflexive
8. To marry, to take a wife or husband, to get married.
  • Ana se casó con Pedro -> Anne married Peter
  • ¿Cuándo te vas a casar? -> when are you getting married
  • Volver a casarse en segunda nupcias -> to marry again

1 (unir en matrimonio) to marry
los casó el cura del pueblo they were married by the village priest
2 (dar en matrimonio) to marry off
casará a su hija el mes próximo
ya ha casado a todas sus hijas she's married off all her daughters
3 (hacer coincidir) to match up
casa los estampados antes de coser las telas match up the patterns before sewing the pieces together
casa los calcetines antes de tenderlos
4 (Tipografía) to impose
1 (armonizar)
estas dos piezas casan perfectamente these two pieces go together o fit together perfectly; hay una serie de datos que no casan there are a number of details that don't tally o match up; sus dos declaraciones no casan her two statements do not match up o tally; casar con algo: el color de la alfombra no casa con el del sofá the colour of the carpet doesn't go with that of the sofa; mis noticias no casan con las tuyas the news I have doesn't tally with o match yours; tanta modestia no casa con sus ansias de poder such modesty doesn't go with o tally with his craving for power
2 (contraer matrimonio)
casó con una chica del pueblo he married o he got married to a girl from the town
casarse to marry; get married
¿cuándo te casas? when are you getting married?; se casó con una italiana he married an Italian woman; he got married to an Italian woman
no casarse con nadie
respeta a todo el mundo, pero no se casa con nadie he respects everyone but doesn't side with any of them
el autor cita distintas teorías, pero no se casa con nadie

Verb Conjugations for "casar" (go to to marry)


yo caso casé casaba casaría casaré
casas casaste casabas casarías casarás
él/ella/Ud. casa casó casaba casaría casará
nosotros casamos casamos casábamos casaríamos casaremos
vosotros casáis casasteis casabais casaríais casaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. casan casaron casaban casarían casarán
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