feminine noun
1. wheelbarrow

carretilla [car-ray-teel’-lyah]
1. Wheelbarrow. (f)
2. Hand truck. (f)
3. Hand cart. (f)
4. Walker (for babies). (f)
5. Firecracker. (f)
6. Cake decorator. (f)
  • Carretilla elevadora -> fork-lift truck
  • Saber de carretilla una cosa -> to know something perfectly
7. Lot, series. (Andes) (f)
8. (Cono Sur) jaw, jawbone (quijada). (f)

1 (also carretilla de mano) handcart; barrow
carretilla de horquilla carretilla elevadora fork-lift truck
2 (Hort) wheelbarrow
3 (en tienda) trolley; cart; (EEUU)
4 (buscapiés) squib; cracker
5 (S. Cone) (quijada) jaw; jawbone
6 (Col) (serie) lot; series
de carretilla
saber algo de carretilla to know sth by heart; aprender algo de carretilla to learn sth parrot fashion o by rote

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