feminine noun
1. butcher's (tienda)
2. massacre, bloodbath (masacre)
  • fue una carnicería -> it was carnage

carnicería [car-ne-thay-ree’-ah]
1. Meat-market, meat shop. (f)
2. Slaughterhouse; butcher’s (shop). (f)
3. Carnage, havoc, slaughter. (f)
  • Hacer carnicería -> 1. To cut away a great quantity of flesh. 2. To wound in many places.
  • Carnicería en las carreteras -> (fig.) Carnage on the roads

1 (Com) butcher's; butcher's shop
2 (matanza) slaughter; carnage
ha sido una carnicería de inocentes it was a slaughter of the innocent(s)
hacer una carnicería de
3 (And) slaughterhouse

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