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masculine noun
1. ram (animal); mutton (carne)
masculine or feminine noun
2. scab (informal Pey) (esquirol) (RP), blackleg (British)

carnero [car-nay’-ro]
1. Sheep, mutton. (m)
2. Mutton, the flesh of sheep dressed for food. (m)
3. Sheepskin dressed or tanned. (Province; Provinicial) (m)
4. Family vault, burying-place; charnel-house. (m)
5. Larder. (m)
  • Carnero manso para guía -> bellwether
  • Carnero marino -> (Zool.) white shark
  • Carnero de la sierra -> (LAm.) Llama, alpaca, vicuña
  • No hay tales carneros -> there’s no such thing
6. (Cono Sur) Weak-willed person (débil); blackleg, strikebreaker. (m)

1 (Zoología) sheep; ram
no hay tales carneros there's no such thing
cantar para el carnero to kick the bucket (muy_familiar); peg out (muy_familiar)
carnero de la sierra (Latinoamérica)carnero de la tierra (Latinoamérica) llama; alpaca; vicuña
carnero de simiente breeding ram
carnero marino seal
2 (Culin) mutton
3 (piel) sheepskin
4 (S. Cone) (esquirol) blackleg; scab (familiar)
botarse o echarse al carnero (S. Cone) to chuck it all up (familiar); throw in the towel

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