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usage note
This word can also be spelled "carné." The plural of "carnet" is "carnets."
masculine noun
1. (identification document) 
a. ID card 
A María le implantaron un chip en la mano para poder entrar en la oficina sin carnet.Maria got a chip implanted in her hand so she can enter her office without an ID card.
b. identification card 
"¿Me muestra su carné, por favor?", dijo el policía."¿May I see your identification card, please?," the policeman said.
c. identity card 
Para votar en las elecciones, necesitan ustedes mostrar sus carnets.To vote in the elections you need to show your identity cards.
d. card 
Si presentas tu carnet de pensionista en la caja, obtienes un 15% de descuento.If you show your senior citizen card at the cashier, you get a 15% discount.
e. membership card (of a club or organization) 
No nos dejaron entrar al Club Campestre porque no traíamos los carnés.We weren't allowed in the Country Club because we didn't bring our membership cards.
2. (driver's permit) 
a. driver's license (United States) 
Acuérdate de renovar tu carnet, o no podrás manejar.Remember to renew your driver's license, otherwise you won't be able to drive.
b. driving licence (United Kingdom) 
Mi hijo pasó el examen de conducir y le dieron su carné.My son passed his driving test, and he got his driving licence.
3. (register) 
a. card 
Su hijo debe tener el carnet de vacunas al día para matricularse en el colegio.Your child must have the vaccination card up to date to be admitted at school.
carnet [karˈne]
carnets (plural) [karˈnes]
tiene carnet del partido socialista he has a membership card for the Socialist party; un miembro con carnet a card-carrying member; una fotografía tamaño carnet a passport-sized photo
carnet de conducir driving licence; driver's license; (EEUU)
sacarse el carnet de conducir to get one's driving licence
carnet de estudiante student card
carnet de identidad identity card
note See culture box in entry DNI.
carnet de prensa press pass
Los miembros del servicio desconocían totalmente lo que es un [carné de prensa.]
carnet de socio membership card
carnet por puntos penalty-points driving licence; type of driving licence in which drivers start with a certain number of points that can be reduced or lost if they commit driving offences, potentially culminating in the loss of the licence
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