feminine noun
1. charity

caridad [cah-re-dahd’]
1. Charity, charitableness, kindness, good-will, benevolence. (f)
2. Alms. (f)
  • La caridad empieza por nosotros mismos -> charity begins at home
  • Hacer caridad a uno -> to give alms to somebody

vive de la caridad de las gentes del barrio she lives on o off the charity of the local people; obra de caridad act of charity; condonarle la deuda es una obra de caridad writing off his debt is an act of charity; hizo muchas obras de caridad she did many charitable deeds; dinero destinado a obras de caridad money given to charity; charity money; ¡una limosna, por caridad! could you spare some change o a little money (out of charity), please?
la caridad empieza por uno mismo charity begins at home

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