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1. carrera (f) (working life, profession)
  • careers officer asesor(ora) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) de orientación profesional
  • careers service servicio (m) de orientación profesional
  • career diplomat diplomático(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) de carrera
  • it was a good career move fue bueno para mi/tu/etc. carrera
  • a job with career prospects un trabajo con buenas perspectivas profesionales
intransitive verb
  • to career (along) ir a toda velocidad
career [kəˈrɪəʳ]
(occupation) profesión (f); (working life) carrera (f) profesional
he made a career (for himself) in advertising se dedicó a la publicidad; desarrolló su carrera profesional en el campo de la publicidad
intransitive verb
correr a toda velocidad
to career down the street correr calle abajo; to career into a wall estrellarse contra un muro
[+diplomat, soldier] de carrera; [+criminal] profesional
career girl (n) mujer (f) de carrera
career move (n) cambio (m) (en la trayectoria) profesional
Again Janet was looking for a career move Carol was not happy at all about his career move
a good/bad career move una buena/mala decisión para la trayectoria profesional
Getting divorced proved to be a good career move — suddenly she was everyone's favourite pin-up again
career prospects (n) perspectivas (f) profesionales
careers advisor (Britain)careers counselor (US) (n) (Educ) persona encargada de la guía vocacional de los alumnos
careers guidance (n) (Britain) guía (f) vocacional
careers office (n) oficina (f) de guía vocacional
careers officer (n) consejeroaconsejera (m) (f) de orientación profesional;a consejera
careers service (n) servicio (m) de orientación profesional
careers teacher (n) (Britain) (Educ)
careers advisor See culture box in entry career.
career woman (n) mujer (f) de carrera
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