Captain in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. capitán(ana) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (in army, air force, of team); comisario(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (in police) (Estados Unidos)
transitive verb
2. capitanear (Sport)
captain [ˈkæptɪn]
(Mil) (Náut) (Dep) capitánanacapitana (m) (f);ana capitana (Aer) comandante (m); (US) (Police) comisarioacomisaria (m) (f) de distrito;a comisaria
captain of industry magnate (m) de la industria; gran industrial (m)
transitive verb
[+team] capitanear
a team captained by Grace un equipo capitaneado por Grace
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