capitán, -ana
masculine or feminine noun
1. captain (en ejército de tierra); flight lieutenant (en aviación) (British), captain (United States); lieutenant
  • capitán, -ana general (en marina)(military) -> field marshal (British), general of the army (United States)

capitán [cah-pe-tahn’]
1. Captain, a military officer. (m)
2. Commander-in-chief of an army. (Obsolete) (m)
3. Ringleader of a band of robbers. (m)
4. Leader. (m)
5. The commander of a ship of war or merchant vessel. (m)
  • Capitán a guerra -> the mayor or chief magistrate of a place, invested with military power
  • Capitán de fragata -> the commander of a frigate, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel
  • Capitán de navío -> the commander of a man-of-war, with the rank of colonel
  • Capitán general de ejército -> field-marshal
  • Capitán general de provincia -> the commander-in-chief of a military district
  • Capitán de puerto -> (Naut.) Port-captain
  • Capitán del puerto -> (Naut.), harbor-master, water-bailiff
6. In the wool trade, the overseer, who superintends the washing of wool. (m)

(gen) captain; leader; chief; (México) (en hotel) maître d'(hôtel)
capitán de corbeta lieutenant commander
capitán de fragata commander
capitán del puerto harbour o harbor master; (EEUU)
capitán de navío captain
capitán general [de ejército] field marshal; [de armada] chief of naval operations

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