feminine noun
1. chapel
  • estar en capilla (figurative) -> to be awaiting execution; (condenado a muerte) to be on tenterhooks (informal) (en ascuas)
  • capilla ardiente -> funeral chapel

capilla [cah-peel’-lyah]
1. Hood. (f)
2. Cowl of a monk or friar. (f)
3. Chapel. (f)
4. Chapel, a small church. (f)
5. The priests and others employed in chapel service. (f)
6. Chapter or assembly of collegians. (f)
7. Among printers, the proof-sheet. (f)
8. Portable chapel for military corps. (f)
  • Caja de capilla -> (Naut.) Chest for chapel ornaments
  • Estar en capilla -> a) to prepare for death: spoken of criminals, b) (Coll.) to await with impatience the issue of an affair
9. Group of supporters, following; informal club (peña). (f)

1 (Religión) chapel
capilla ardiente funeral chapel
capilla de la Virgen Lady Chapel
capilla mayor choir; chancel
estar en (la) capilla [+condenado a muerte] to be awaiting execution; (estar en peligro) to be in great danger; (estar sobre ascuas) to be on tenterhooks
3 (Música) choir
4 (Tipografía) proof sheet
estar en capillas to be at the proof stage; be in proof
5 (camarilla) group of supporters; following
6 (caperuza) cowl; (Técnica) hood; cowl

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