"cantar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to sing (canción)
2. to call (out) (bingo, línea, el gordo)
intransitive verb
3. to sing (persona, ave) ; to crow (gallo) ; to chirp (insecto)
4. to talk (informal) (confesar)
5. to stink (informal) (apestar) (peninsular Spanish)
  • le cantan los pies -> he has smelly feet
6. to stick out like a sore thumb (informal) (desentonar) (peninsular Spanish)
7. (alabar)
  • cantar a -> to sing the praises of
masculine noun
8. poem (literature) ;
  • eso es otro cantar -> that's another story

cantar [can-tar’]
1. Song set to music. (Colloquial) (m)
  • Cantares -> canticles or Song of Solomon
  • Cantares de gesta -> old metrical romances
article & verb transitive
1. To
noun, singular
2. To recite in a poetical manner.
3. To creak, to make a harsh, grinding noise. (Colloquial & Metaphorical)
4. To divulge a secret 5. (Colloquial)
  • Cantar a libro abierto -> to sing off-hand
  • Cantar de plano -> to make a plain and full confession
  • Cantar la victoria -> (Met.) To triumph
  • Cantar misa -> to say the first mass
  • Ése es otro cantar, that is another kind of speech. ¿Lo digo cantado o rezado -> how would you have me say it
  • Al fin se canta la gloria -> do not triumph till all is over, don’t whistle before you are out of the woods
  • Cantar las claras -> to speak out
  • Cantar a dos voces -> to sing a duet
At cards, to announce the trump.

1 (Música) to sing
cantas muy bien you sing very well; en esa región hablan cantando they talk in a singsong way in that region; los monjes cantaban en la abadía the monks chanted o sang in the abbey
2 [+pájaro] to sing; [+gallo] to crow; [+cigarra, grillo] to chirp
3 (alabar) to sing of; sing the praises of
los poetas que le cantan a la mar the poets who sing of o sing the praises of the sea
4 (revelar) to spill the beans (familiar); (a la policía) to squeal (familiar)
le presionaron y al final cantó
cantar de plano to tell all; make a full confession
los hechos cantan por sí solos the facts speak for themselves
del éxito de su gestión cantan las cifras
5 (oler mal) to stink (familiar); reek
te cantan los pies your feet really stink (familiar) o reek
1 [+canción] to sing; [+mantra, canto gregoriano] to chant; [+misa] to sing; say; [+número de lotería] to call out
cantarlas claras to call a spade a spade
cantar a algn las cuarenta to give sb a piece of one's mind (familiar)
su madre le cantó las cuarenta cuando llegó a casa his mother gave him a piece of her mind when he got home (familiar)
cantar victoria
es muy pronto para cantar victoria, la crisis política continúa it is too early to claim victory, the political crisis continues
ninguno de las dos naciones puede cantar victoria
—creo que ya está solucionado —no cantes victoria "I think it's sorted out" — "don't speak too soon" o "don't count your chickens (before they're hatched)"
2 [+mérito, belleza] to praise; eulogize
3 (revelar) to confess
cantó todo lo que sabía he confessed all that he knew
1 (canción) song; (Religión) chant
2 (Literat)
el Cantar de los Cantares the Song of Songs
eso es otro cantar that's another story
cantar de gesta chanson de geste; epic poem

Verb Conjugations for "cantar" (go to to sing)


yo canto canté cantaba cantaría cantaré
cantas cantaste cantabas cantarías cantarás
él/ella/Ud. canta cantó cantaba cantaría cantará
nosotros cantamos cantamos cantábamos cantaríamos cantaremos
vosotros cantáis cantasteis cantabais cantaríais cantaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. cantan cantaron cantaban cantarían cantarán
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