masculine noun
1. kangaroo (animal)
masculine or feminine noun
2. babysitter (informal) (persona) (peninsular Spanish)
  • hacer de canguro -> to babysit

canguro [cahn-goo’-ro]
1. Kangaroo. (Zoology) (m)
2. Baby-sitter. (m)
  • Hacer de canguro -> to baby-sit
3. Light jacket, light coat. (m)

1 (Zoología) kangaroo
2 (impermeable) cagoule
3 (mochila) baby-sling; baby-carrier worn on the chest; (worn on the chest)
4 (Náutica) ferry
[de niños] baby-sitter
esta noche hago de canguro I'm baby-sitting tonight; —¿a qué te dedicas? —trabajo de canguro "what do you do for a living?" — "I do some baby-sitting"

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