feminine noun
1. rubbish bin (para basura) (Colombian SpanishBr), trash can (United States)

caneca [cah-nay’-cah]
1. Glazed liquor bottle made of clay. (f)
2. (Arg.) Wooden tub. (f)
3. (Cuba) Hot-water bottle made of earthenware. (f)
4. (Cuba) Liquid measure of 19 liters. (f)

1 (México) (vasija) glazed earthenware pot; (S. Cone) (balde) wooden bucket; (Col) (para basura) rubbish bin; garbage can; (EEUU) (Caribe) (bolsa de agua) hot water bottle; (And) (lata) can; tin; [de petróleo etc] drum; (porrón) wine bottle (with a spout);
2 (Cuba) (medida) liquid measure of 19 litres

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