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1. caña (f) (of sugar, bamboo); bastón (m) (walking stick); vara (f) palmeta (f) (for punishment)
  • to get the cane ser castigado(a) con la vara
  • cane furniture muebles mpl de mimbre
  • cane sugar azúcar (m or f) de caña
transitive verb
2. pegar con la vara (beat)
cane [keɪn]
1 (Bot) caña (f); (for baskets, chairs etc) mimbre (m)
2 (stick) (for walking) bastón (m); (for punishment) vara (f); palmeta (f)
to get the cane (Educ) ser castigado con la vara or palmeta
transitive verb
[+pupil] castigar con la vara or palmeta
cane chair (n) silla (f) de mimbre
cane liquor (n) caña (f)
cane sugar (n) azúcar (m) de caña
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