"candy" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. caramelo (m) (sweet) (Estados Unidos); dulces (mpl) golosinas (f pl) (sweets)
  • candy store -> confitería (f)

candy [kan-di]
1. Confitar, cubrir las frutas o pastas con un baño de azúcar o cocerlas en almíbar.
  • Lemon candy -> caramelos
  • Peanut candy -> pepitoria
  • Candied almonds -> almendras garapiñadas
2. Garapiñar.
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
3. Cristalizarse (el azúcar); secarse o endurecerse los dulces. (n)
1. Confite, confitura, dulce, golosina (confectionery).
  • Candy bar -> golosina en barra
  • Candy box -> caja de dulces o confites
  • Candy dish -> confitera
Caramelo, dulce (individual piece).

candy [ˈkændɪ]
1 (sugar candy) azúcar (m) cande
2 (US) (sweets) golosinas (f); caramelos (m); dulces (m)
it's like taking candy from a baby es coser y cantar
Rovers were in a different class from their opponents. It was like taking candy from a baby
[+fruit] escarchar
candy bar (n) (US) barrita (f) de caramelo; (chocolate) chocolatina (f)
candy store (n) (US) confitería (f); bombonería (f)
like a kid in a candy store especially (US) como el rey/la reina del mambo; como si fuera el amo/ama del mundo
He reacted to fame like the proverbial kid in the candy store and assumed that any woman who interested him would automatically be available He went on a buying spree and felt "like a kid in a candy store," he recalls

Verb Conjugations for "candy" (go to el dulce)


I candy I candied I will candy
you candy you candied you will candy
he/she candies he/she candied he/she will candy
we candy we candied we will candy
you candy you candied you will candy
they candy they candied they will candy
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