1. (culinary) 
Her favorite candy is dark chocolate truffles.Sus caramelos preferidos son las trufas de chocolate oscuro.
b. el dulce (M) (Latin America) 
I like to buy local candies when I travel.Me gusta comprar dulces regionales cuando me voy de viaje.
Are you going to give your girlfriend heart-shaped candies for Valentine's Day?¿Le vas a dar golosinas en forma de corazón a tu novia para el Día de San Valentín?
transitive verb
2. (to cover with candy) 
a. confitar 
We are going to candy pecans for Christmas gifts.Vamos a confitar nueces como regalos de Navidad.
1. (sweet) (United States) 
a. el caramelo (M) 
2. (sweets) 
a. la dulces mpl, golosinas (F) 
candy storeconfitería f
candy [ˈkændɪ]
1 (sugar candy) azúcar (m) cande
2 (US) (sweets) golosinas (f); caramelos (m); dulces (m)
it's like taking candy from a baby es coser y cantar
Rovers were in a different class from their opponents. It was like taking candy from a baby
transitive verb
[+fruit] escarchar
candy bar (n) (US) barrita (f) de caramelo; (chocolate) chocolatina (f)
candy store (n) (US) confitería (f); bombonería (f)
like a kid in a candy store especially (US) como el rey/la reina del mambo; como si fuera el amo/ama del mundo
He reacted to fame like the proverbial kid in the candy store and assumed that any woman who interested him would automatically be available He went on a buying spree and felt "like a kid in a candy store," he recalls
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