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1. (general)
a. la vela (F)
Use a match to light the candle.Usa un fósforo para encender la vela.
b. la candela (F)
Don't let the candle burn out.No dejes que se apague la candela.
c. el cirio (M)
During a christening, the godparents hold a candle.Durante el bautizo, los padrinos llevan un cirio.
1. vela (f)
2. (idioms)
  • he can't hold a candle to you no te llega ni a la suela del zapato
  • it's not worth the candle no vale or merece la pena (español de España)
candle [ˈkændl]
vela (f); candela (f); (in church) cirio (m)
to hold a candle to sb
you can't hold a candle to him no le llegas ni a la suela de los zapatos
it's not worth the candle no merece or vale la pena
Sir David has described the democratic reforms proposed by the governor as "not worth the candle" If it means falling into my present state afterwards, writing isn't worth the candle. If I can't do it without being in danger of drinking again, it's just not worthwhile
candle end (n) cabo (m) de vela
candle grease (n) cera (f) derretida
candle holder (n)
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