"cancel" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

(pt & pp canceled, canceled)
verbo transitivo
1. suspender (match, trip) (Estados Unidos); suspender, cancelar (flight, train); anular (order, subscription)
verbo intransitivo
  • they were supposed to be playing tonight, but they've canceled -> iban a tocar hoy, pero lo han suspendido

cancel [kan-sel]
1. Cancelar (meeting, subscription, flight); borrar.
2. Cancelar un escrito.
3. Invalidar, anular (command, decree, check).
4. Limitar, encerrar, estrechar, poner límites.
5. Eliminar. (Matemáticas)
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
  • He cancelled at the last minute -> a último momento canceló la cita (o el viaje) (call off)
1. Cartón, cuartilla, la hoja o las páginas que se rehacen, sea por corrección o por errata.

cancel [ˈkænsəl] cancelled canceled (US)
1 [+reservation, taxi] anular; cancelar; [+room] anular la reserva de; [+holiday, party, plans] suspender; [+flight, train, performance] suspender; cancelar; [+order, contract] anular; [+permission etc] retirar; (Aut) [+indicator] quitar
One of the reasons I failed my driving test was that I forgot to cancel the indicator after turning left
2 (mark, frank) [+stamp] matar; [+cheque] anular
3 (delete) [+name, word] borrar; suprimir
4 (Mat) anular
[+tourist etc] cancelar la reserva/el vuelo etc
There is normally no refund should a client choose to cancel
cancel key (n) tecla (f) de anulación

Verb Conjugations for "cancel" (go to cancelar)


I cancel I cancelled I will cancel
you cancel you cancelled you will cancel
he/she cancels he/she cancelled he/she will cancel
we cancel we cancelled we will cancel
you cancel you cancelled you will cancel
they cancel they cancelled they will cancel
Complete cancel conjugation >

cancel [can-thel’]
1. Wooden screen at the doors of churches and halls. (m)
2. Glass-case in chapel behind which the king stands. (m)
3. Limits or extent of a thing. (m)
4. Windproof door, storm door. (m)

1 (contrapuerta) storm door; windproof door
2 (tabique) partition; thin wall; (México) (mampara) folding screen

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