1. acampada (f) ; camping (m) (on commercial camp site)
  • to go camping -> ir de acampada; ir de camping (on commercial camp site)
  • camping site -> lugar (m) de acampada; camping (commercial)

camping [kam-pin]
1. Campamento.
2. Antiguo juego de pelota con los pies. (Desusado)
  • I like camping -> me gusta ir de camping, de campamento o de acampada
  • No camping -> prohibido acampar

camping [ˈkæmpɪŋ]
camping (m)
Camping gas (n) (Britain) (gas) gas (m) butano; (US) (stove) camping gas (m);&trade
camping ground camping site (n) (terreno (m) de) camping (m)
camping van (n) caravana (f); autocaravana (f)

camping [cam’-peen]
noun, plural
1. Campings, camping. (m)
  • Hacer camping -> to go camping
2. Camping site (sitio). (m)

camping [ˈkampin]
campings (plural) [ˈkampin]
1 (actividad) camping
estar o ir de camping to go camping; hacer camping to go camping
2 (lugar) campsite; campground; (EEUU)

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