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feminine noun
1. bell
  • echar las campanas al vuelo (figurative) -> to jump for joy
  • oír campanas y no saber dónde (informal figurative) -> not to know what one is talking about
  • campana de buzo o de salvamento -> diving bell
  • campana extractora (de humos) -> extractor hood
  • campanas tubulares -> tubular bells

campana [cam-pah’-nah]
1. Bell. (f)
2. Bell glass, receiver; anything which has the shape of a bell. (f)
3. Parish church, parish. (Metaphorical) (f)
4. Bottom of a well made in the form of a bell. (f)
5. In woollen factories, iron hoop, serving to keep the yarn from the bottom of the dyeing copper. (f)
6. Drum, corbel. (Architecture) (f)
7. Thieves' look out. (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
  • Hacer de campana -> to keep watch, to be on the lookout
  • Campana de vidiro -> a bell-shaped glass vessel
  • Campana de chimenea -> mantel, the funnel of a chimney when made in the form of a bell
  • A toque de campana -> at the sound of the bell
  • Oír campanas y no saber dónde -> to have heard of a fact, but not to be well informed of its true nature and complexion
  • No haber oído campanas -> not to be informed of the most common things
  • Echar las campanas al vuelo -> to peal the bells
  • Campana de bucear -> diving bell

1 [de iglesia, puerta] bell; [de orquesta] bell; chime
a campana tañida a toque de campana to the sound of bells
echar o lanzar las campanas a vuelo to celebrate
aún es pronto para echar las campanas al vuelo it's still too early to celebrate o to start spreading the good news
estar campana (Caribe) to be fine
hacer campana(s) to play truant
oír campanas (y no saber de dónde vienen) not to have a clue
2 (Técnica) [de la chimenea] hood
campana de humos campana extractora extractor hood
3 (Buceo)
campana de buzo campana de inmersión diving bell
4 (S. Cone) (campo) country(side)
(Latinoamérica) (vigilante) look-out
hacer de campana to keep watch

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