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to walk

"caminar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to walk (andar)
  • nosotros iremos caminando -> we'll walk, we'll go on foot
  • caminar hacia (figurative) -> to head for
  • caminar hacia el desastre -> to be heading for disaster
2. to work (funcionar) (Am)
transitive verb
3. to travel, to cover (una distancia)

caminar [cah-me-nar’]
verb neuter
1. To travel, to walk, to go, to march. (n)
2. To move along (ríos, objetos). (n)
  • Caminar con pies de plomo -> (Met.) to act with prudence
  • Caminar derecho -> (Met.) to act uprightly
  • Venir caminando -> (LAm.) to come on foot
  • Caminar derecho -> to behave properly
3. To work. (Ante Meridian & Latin American & Mecahnic) (m)

1 (andar) to walk
iban caminando por el parque they were walking in the park; fuimos caminando a casa de María we walked to María's house; hemos venido caminando we walked (here); we came on foot; salen a caminar después de comer they go (out) for a walk after lunch; caminar sin rumbo to walk o wander about aimlessly
caminar derecho o recto
2 (progresar) to move
el cortejo caminaba en silencio the funeral procession was moving silently; caminamos hacia una sociedad sin clases we are moving towards a classless society
3 (Latinoamérica) (funcionar) to work
esto no camina this doesn't work
to walk
caminamos cuatro kilómetros we walked four kilometres

Verb Conjugations for "caminar" (go to to walk)


yo camino caminé caminaba caminaría caminaré
caminas caminaste caminabas caminarías caminarás
él/ella/Ud. camina caminó caminaba caminaría caminará
nosotros caminamos caminamos caminábamos caminaríamos caminaremos
vosotros camináis caminasteis caminabais caminaríais caminaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. caminan caminaron caminaban caminarían caminarán
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