"calzas" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to wear (calzado)
  • calzaba zapatos de ante -> she was wearing suede shoes
  • ¿qué número calza? -> what size (shoe) do you take?
2. to wedge, to block (poner cuña a)
3. to fill (muela) (Colombian Spanish)
pronomial verb
1. to put one's shoes on
  • se calzó las botas -> he put on his boots
  • ¡cálzate! -> put your shoes on!

calzar [cal-thar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To put on shoes.
2. To strengthen with iron or wood.
3. To scot or scotch a wheel.
4. To carry a ball of a determined size (armas de fuego).
5. To wedge, chock, key.
6. To overlay, to raise, underlay. (Typography)
7. To fill (diente). (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
8. To pit, to put an iron tip on. (m)
  • Calzar las herramientas -> to put a steel edge to iron tools
  • Calzar los guantes -> to put on gloves
  • Calzaba zapatos verdes, she was wearing green shoes. ¿Qué numero calza Vd -> what size do you take
  • El primero que llega se calza -> first come first served
  • Me ayudó a ponerme las botas -> he helped me to put my boots on
verb neuter
  • Calza bien -> he wears good shoes
verb reflexive
  • 1 -> Calzarse los zapatos, to put on one’s shoes
  • ¿Qué zapatos calzaba -> what shoes was he wearing
9. Calzarse un empleo, to get a job.
  • Calzarse a uno -> to keep somebody under one’s thumb

1 [+zapatos etc] (llevar) to wear; (ponerse) to put on
calzaba zapatos verdes she was wearing green shoes; ¿qué número calza usted? what size shoes do you wear o take?; what size do you take?
el que primero llega se la calza first come first served
2 [+niño etc] to put shoes on; (proveer de calzado) to provide with footwear; supply with shoes
me ayudó a calzarme las botas he helped me to put my boots on
No hay cuero para calzar a las tropas ni paño para vestirlas.
3 (Mil) etc [+armas] to bear
4 (Técnica) [+rueda etc] to scotch; chock; (con cuña) to put a wedge (under); (bloquear) to block; (asegurar) to secure
5 (Col) [+diente] to fill
6 (poner punta a) to tip; put an iron tip on
calza bien he wears good shoes
calza poco
no calza mucho
he's pretty dim (familiar)
calzarse los zapatos to put one's shoes on
calzarse un empleo to get a job; calzarse a algn to keep sb under one's thumb
calzarse a algn to screw sb (vulgar)

Verb Conjugations for "calzar" (go to to wear)


yo calzo calcé calzaba calzaría calzaré
calzas calzaste calzabas calzarías calzarás
él/ella/Ud. calza calzó calzaba calzaría calzará
nosotros calzamos calzamos calzábamos calzaríamos calzaremos
vosotros calzáis calzasteis calzabais calzaríais calzaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. calzan calzaron calzaban calzarían calzarán
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